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Episode #12 - 'Finding your passion' series summary

Finding our passion in life is often a challenge. Avoid using your intellect & Ego. Think about what activity you love and would want to do possibly forever!

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This is episode #12 which is the final summary episode in the 'Finding your passion’ series. We will review everything we covered in episodes #1 to #11 of the podcast.


Episode #1 was titled: “What is an Ultimate Quest?”. In episode 1 we introduced the concept of an “Ultimate Quest”. An Ultimate Quest is what we are really meant to do with our life. It’s the greatest pursuit we could ever envision. It’s the grand exploration of what we yearn for, deep inside.

Everyone’s quest is unique. Discovering your Ultimate Quest is one of your big challenges in life. Keep in mind, your Ego will try to sabotage your quest through doubt and fear.

There are five levels of quest you can embark on. You can mix and match these.

LEVEL 1 is physical & materialistic.

LEVEL 2 is the psychological level.

LEVEL 3 is philosophical & spiritual.

LEVEL 4 is fully accepting ‘what is’.

LEVEL 5 is cosmic & wholistic.

JOY means you’re living your passion.

PASSION means living your purpose.

PURPOSE provides meaning to life.

▪ The search for what has the highest meaning is your ULTIMATE QUEST.


Episode #2 was titled “What type of personal development is required?”. Finding our passion in life is often a challenge. Embarking on our Ultimate Quest is even more ambitious. So we need to develop ourselves in order to achieve this. This podcast can give you some tips on how to navigate your life and your Ultimate Quest... but only YOU can work out the right choice. And you are personally responsible. That’s why it’s called personal development!

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The trick to discovering your Ultimate Quest is NOT to think about it! Avoid using your intellect & Ego. Instead, start your Ultimate Quest with a technique called quiet contemplation. Sit silently and let any insights gently surface into your conscious mind.

Personal development is an inner journey that helps us to see the world and ourselves in a new way. Here are 3 steps to help us begin a personal transformation:

Step 1 is awakening to the need to change ourselves.

Step 2 is raising our ‘awareness’ of our thoughts, emotions & beliefs.

Step 3 is tuning into our intuitive knowing for insight & guidance.

Personal development leads to a more joyful & fulfilling life. Through this inner transformation we find contentment & peace. We might even discover our Ultimate Quest.


Episode #3 was titled “How do you know if something is right for you?”. In this episode we discuss our 3 main internal guidance systems. These guidance systems help us to find our passion and navigate our Ultimate Quest. The first was our emotion-based guidance system. We do an instant spotcheck and quickly assess the vibe. We sense our emotions and feelings in our body. That’s our gut feeling. Our emotion guidance system is fast and easy to recognise. But it’s only accurate for simple issues.

The second guidance system is our deep intuitive discernment. This is our quiet inner voice. It’s our heart-felt, inner knowing. This deep intuitive discernment can give us a gentle nudge or a powerful AHA-moment! But it can take considerable time for this to unfold and rise to our consciousness. So, deep intuitive discernment is slower. However it’s the best option for big & complex decisions in our personal life.

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The third guidance system is intellectual logical discernment. This is usually the only system taught at school. It’s suitable for simple logistical decisions, but NOT complex life choices. It’s moderately fast, but is often biased or flawed.

To make the best life choices, we need the right blend of all three guidance systems. This helps balance all the competing priorities and promotes a life of joy, inner peace & fulfilment. Then we can live a life full of passion and purpose. We can even tackle our Ultimate Quest!


Episode #4 was titled “Hints for finding your Ultimate Quest”. The first hint was to be open, curious and engaged in the process. You must be willing to look deep within yourself. Another clue is to explore your current passions in life. Think about what activity you love and would want to do… possibly forever!

But, be warned that your Ego will try to discourage you from discovering your quest. So avoid your Ego and instead listen to your inner guidance. Try to find 15 minutes each day to relax & quietly contemplate. Be open & curious, but don’t activate your thinking processes. Instead, tune-in to your intuitive knowing. Explore your day dreams and night dreams. And reflect on your past dreams as a child. These might provide valuable hints on what your quest could really be.

If you are struggling with formal contemplation or meditation, there is another way. You can discover your quest by absorbing yourself in the beauty of nature. Or you can engage in creative pursuits. Relaxing or joyful activities will also spontaneously trigger new insights. These techniques make it easier to discover your passion and purpose in life. From this strong foundation, you will be more successful on your Ultimate Quest.

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Episode #5 was titled “Are you really satisfied with your life?”. We are likely on track with our life purpose if we feel satisfied and at peace. Dissatisfaction indicates we are not on the right path! Being satisfied & content indicates we are living our passion. It might also indicate we are on our Ultimate Quest.

There’s a very big difference between tapping into our inner power versus exerting brute force & control. We encourage you to embrace the power of love, not the love of power. Remember, materialism never fully satisfies.

We can start our Ultimate Quest just by realizing that we deserve unconditional love! Knowing that you are always loved offers true security, not just temporary safety. This true inner power gives us the confidence to make positive change!

Our Ego is the greatest foe in our quest for meaning & purpose. But the Ego masquerades as our best friend! Our Ego pushes us toward materialistic goals that never truly satisfy. So, recognise when the Ego is up to its tricks!

Don’t let unwarranted fear & doubt consume you. Instead, process and release these negative feelings & emotions. By letting go of anxieties we gain courage & wisdom.


Episode #6 was titled“Preventing self-sabotage on your Ultimate Quest”. It’s so important to embrace your purpose & mission in life. Aligning with your purpose helps reduce self-sabotage. Being on the right path also helps us overcome doubt & fear. The best way to discover our life quest is through deep intuitive insight. Intellect & logic is not effective for such big life questions.

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Everyone’s life quest is personal and unique to them. Don’t let other people deter you with their biased perspective. Your Ego will try to talk you out of pursuing your life purpose. Be wary of its ‘clever’ arguments. Your Ego has its own agenda.

We can road-test our life quest by trying out our ideal role in life. We know we are on our Ultimate Quest if we feel full of joy. We are grateful, content & at peace! We have the natural desire to freely share our talents & abilities with others. Because of this, our Ultimate Quest will benefit others too.


Episode #7 was titled “Why you must work this out for yourself”. Discovering your passion & Ultimate Quest is a very personal process. Our best answers exist in the deepest part of our mind. This is true for almost every significant issue in life! So it’s very useful to learn this process of inner exploration.

Our inner self is where our inspiration and true genius comes from. Only YOU can discover this for yourself. You must be open, curious & patient. You must personally engage in this search at an energetic level. But, don’t force the process. It must be natural & spontaneous.

When searching for answers, watch out for clever intellectual banter. Be wary of this no matter how fancy or flash it might appear! We can easily get attached to those slick Ego-based solutions. But remember those intellectual answers don’t really satisfy in the long run. They eventually feel shallow & empty. If your answer is not heart-based, it just won’t resonate or ring true. The answer must feel right, from deep within our being. Trust in your innate intuitive ability.

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Episode #8 was titled “Where are you really at, in your mind”. To be successful in living your passion and purpose we need to be in the right frame of mind. This is particularly important if we want to tackle our Ultimate Quest. In this episode we invited you to explore where in your mind your focus & awareness tends to go. That’s where you are REALLY at!

Many people live in their analytical mind. They tend to overuse their intellect. They over-use data & reasoning when interpreting the world. This is much too limiting! Some get trapped in over-analysing life events, particularly if these are emotionally charged. They go over the story again and again, and endlessly ruminate.

Some people reside in an imaginary fantasy zone or fairytale. Some live in their past experiences. Others dwell on vague hopes for the future. Regardless, they are stuck in their fantasy and don’t take positive action in the present.

Most people are also caught in a materialistic trance. They become attracted to the ‘shiny objects’ of the exciting material world. They are hypnotised to alway want and need more.

These places of fantasy in our mind are just illusions! None of these states are our optimal or true reality. They are all limited & biased and don’t give us the big picture. It’s so easy to slip into one of these illusory states of mind. It’s like living on auto-pilot. But we can break free by consciously choosing true present-moment reality. This simply requires a higher awareness.

Choosing reality over illusion might seem hard to do. But it’s actually our most natural state. We could easily do it as children, but as adults, this has been conditioned out of us. But, we can learn to utilise true present-moment reality again. It becomes easier with practice.

We live most authentically in present-moment reality. There we make better life choices that can fulfil our passion & purpose in life. Only by rejecting the illusory states can we discover our purpose. By embracing reality we can tackle our Ultimate Quest.

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Episode #9 was titled “Optimising your state of mind”. In this episode, we learnt that being in the right state of mind helps us achieve our goals. Then we can live our purpose and progress on our Ultimate Quest. This optimal state is called higher awareness. Higher awareness gives us access to true present-moment reality.

People sometimes refer to higher awareness as being ‘in the zone’. This is when we intuitively or by reflex, know the best choices to make. In this state we feel calm, clear & alert! This calm but alert awareness is very different from the hyper-vigilance of anxiety. Higher awareness doesn’t require energy because it is our natural state.

To rediscover true reality, we must activate our higher awareness and become PRESENT. This means placing our full awareness in the NOW-moment! Being present gives us the broader perspective of a neutral observer. Living life in the present moment promotes the most wise & loving outcomes. We become more kind & compassionate! We are in harmony & balance.

In our busy lives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by our thoughts, emotions & senses. But higher awareness gives us more separation from the drama of life. It’s even more fun to live in present-moment reality, and much less stressful! Through higher awareness we optimise our passion and make rapid progress on our Ultimate Quest.


Episode #10 was titled “Choosing the best perspective on life”. If we intend to find our purpose and tackle our Ultimate Quest, it’s very important to have the right perspective on life. Life challenges us with so much action, stress & drama to navigate. Our life is much like a stage production at a theatre. So, what would be the best seat in the theatre to view this life drama from? What would be the best position or perspective to experience & assess our life?

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From the back of the theatre you can view the stage as a whole. From the front, you are close to the action. As one of the actors on the stage, you are in the heat of the moment! Each perspective has a different benefit to offer. It’s our individual responsibility to choose the best perspective on our life. This is our free-will choice.

Higher awareness gives us the ability to change our perspective at any moment. Living from higher awareness even allows us to have multiple perspectives simultaneously. This gives us a richer life, and helps us to see the bigger picture.


Episode #11 was titled “How to utilise a higher awareness”. Higher awareness is the key to living a life of passion and achieving our Ultimate Quest. Remember, higher awareness is our natural state of being. It is our true home! But we must consciously choose to access & maintain higher awareness.

It’s important to use higher awareness when solving personal issues. Also use higher awareness for the big questions in life, such as “What am I meant to do with my life?”.

Higher awareness is more stable, neutral & balanced. Higher awareness does not demand our attention. So we must consciously choose to activate this state. Higher awareness promotes a wise & loving way of life. It also provides a safe environment for us to process difficult & repressed emotions. This makes it easier to experience just the pure emotion, without the painful narrative.

By being present in higher awareness, we get the best insights to life’s challenges! First, we discover our passion. Then we find deep fulfillment in living our life purpose. From higher awareness we can better navigate our life quest, or even tackle our Ultimate Quest!

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Keep practising all the new tools and techniques we covered in this series. If you need encouragement, remember you can go back and review a particular episode that resonates with you. Thank you for your effort and perseverance.

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