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Episode #13 - Understanding 'Kindness & Compassion'

Welcome to episodes #13 and #14 of the podcast.

In these episodes we explore 'Kindness & Compassion'.

This offers a simple way to:

• Support your ongoing personal development

• Raise your level of awareness & consciousness

Front cover of 'Kindness & Compassion'


Do you want to:

• Be more kind to yourself and others?

• Handle difficult situations with ease?

• Be more emotionally intelligent?

• Become a better and wiser person?

If so, then you’re ready to START!

• Invest from 10 minutes a day to study one page

• You can start, stop & restart whenever you wish

• Be open minded, flexible & work at your own pace!

Page 1 


This Course is a ‘fast-track’ to personal growth & self-development. But you can work at whatever pace best suits you. Just do as much as is comfortable. It should feel like a challenge but be rewarding and enjoyable!


This course will help you raise your Awareness & Consciousness. This will happen automatically as you absorb the lessons! See if you can notice the change in yourself over time. Maybe record your progress or keep a journal.


Each page of this Course provides a lesson for you to consider. Read the text slowly and carefully! Then sit quietly and contemplate what you have learnt. Tune in to your inner guidance. Take the time to discover your own insights and wisdom. Then integrate them into your daily life!


Consider how each lesson relates to your life! Then allow your contemplation to continue subconsciously in the background of your mind. See what further hidden insights come up for you, later on!

Page 2 

The 'Kindness & Compassion' course encourages you to seek INNER PEACE, CONTENTMENT AND FULFILLMENT.

This program is unaligned, fully independent and is NOT religious instruction. It will include some concepts of a general spiritual nature.

It’s not a therapy or substitute for counselling & professional support.

The intent is to RAISE your AWARENESS and level of CONSCIOUSNESS. You are always personally responsible for your own well-being and your behaviour.

If you agree to the above, your personal challenge starts now…

We recommend you read and contemplate one page per day. But remember, you can work at your own pace, pause or stop whenever you wish. Make it a challenge but enjoy the process!

START by quietly contemplating this text and then the related image.

Page 3

The SUGGESTIONS below will help you to gain the most benefit...

START each page by relaxing your body & stilling your mind. Try taking a few slow deep breaths to help you relax.

On the left side of each double-page is a message for you to read and then quietly contemplate. On the right side is an image with a short summary. Use both pages to further practise your contemplation.

QUIET CONTEMPLATION is an important part of your daily practice.

AFTER you have finished the daily exercise, allow your contemplation to keep running subconsciously in the background of your mind.

REMAIN OPEN to see what else comes up for you as a hidden insight! PRACTISE tuning into that powerful realm of Inner Knowing. This is experienced as a heart-felt knowing & is separate from usual thinking.

TRY contemplating this text and the image provided on the right.

Page 4

Let each page challenge you to grow. INVITE and ALLOW this change.

These are IDEAS for you to CONSIDER & CONTEMPLATE.

Our part is to provide the message. Your part is to carefully read and contemplate this! Then allow the deeper meaning and insight to come through.

Ask yourself how the message relates to your personal life. Tune in for further hidden insights. Then use this realisation and wisdom to improve your own well-being, and to help others too.

This Course is divided into separate ‘CHALLENGES’. Each challenge focuses on particular themes and life skills.

Challenge 1 is about practising kindness, caring and self-awareness.

It’s also about tuning into your intuition and inner-knowing!

Page 5


Contemplate what BEING KIND & CARING really means. Be a little more kind to yourself first and then to others. Become more aware of how you choose to be kind. Practise tuning in to your intuitive guidance.

Let’s START with the first part of the challenge...

Consider what ‘BEING KIND’ or ‘CARING’ really means to YOU.

Being KIND does NOT mean giving in to compulsive urges and temporary pleasures! It means making the best long term choice for your wellbeing and all others concerned!

Supporting addictive or compulsive behaviour is NOT really caring for yourself or others. Remember that temporary pleasure is just that: temporary or transient. Short term pleasures are often not the best option! It‘s not truly caring about what is best in the long-term. That’s not really being most kind or caring, is it?

PRACTISE tuning in to your inner knowing or deep intuition. Seek insight about what kindness and caring really means...

Page 6


The aim of Challenge 1 is to find better, more authentic ways to be CARING & KIND to yourself and others. It’s about finding choices that are truly beneficial long term! This requires using your inner guidance & knowing for additional help.


Caring means supporting yourself first. It means proceeding slowly & gently! Remember to tune in to your authentic inner guidance. This will require some patience & lots of practice!


What does ‘being authentically kind & caring’ really mean to you? How would you really KNOW what is best? How would you then assess the decisions you make?


We should NEVER knowingly harm ourselves or others! With this in mind, we encourage you to contemplate Challenge 1.


Contemplate what BEING KIND & CARING really means. Be a little more kind to yourself first and then to others. Become more aware of how you choose to be kind. Practise tuning in to your intuitive guidance.

Page 7


Practise being KIND & CARING. Start in any way you know how to. CHECK by looking inwards and ask yourself whether your ideas and action will really be helpful?


Consider whether your intended actions will help yourself and others. Will your behaviour help over the long term? Is this in the best interest of all concerned?


Imagine yourself tuning in to your deep intuition. That’s your true nature! Seek your heart-felt guidance. Check with your inner GUIDANCE and your inner KNOWING!


First, practise being kind and caring to yourself. Find out what really works for you! Does it have some lasting benefit? Does it bring lasting happiness and joy? Don’t just act out of habit or social conditioning. Avoid addictive urges or temporary pleasures.


Visualise assessing yourself and your progress, as if from above. Observe yourself from a HIGHER PERSPECTIVE. Have the changes you’ve made been beneficial?

Congratulations. You have completed episode #13 about Understanding 'Kindness & Compassion' from


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