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SOS BOOK Chapter 66: Strategy #2. Employ your emotions.


There is a way to get instant feedback on our life situation. We can use this at any moment to help us make a decision. It provides a fast & fairly accurate guide of where we are at. This is our ‘emotion guidance system’! Reading our emotions correctly can help us make good choices. We just need to learn this technique and use it wisely. We will now discuss this powerful strategy for personal success. Let’s start with the basics. Our range of emotions can be represented on a scale. Emotions range from feelings that are very negative, all the way to highly positive ones. The negative emotions of guilt or shame have a very low vibration. We feel very down in ourselves when we experience those. Joy or happiness on the other hand has a high vibe. We can fairly easily tell the difference!


Emotions are the most immediate indicator of ‘where we are at’ in any situation. We use this technique to help us decide what to do. We start by assessing the vibe of our thoughts. We only need to hold the thought in our mind very briefly to assess its vibration! Don’t let the thought lead you astray in the process of measuring its vibe. It should take less than a second. This might take a little practice, particularly if we have previously denied our emotions. This technique is quite accurate for simple life choices! By learning to sense our inner vibe we can better judge any situation. We can practice this throughout the day by becoming more aware of how we really feel. Our emotions simply reflect the vibration level of our thoughts & actions at that specific time.


Assessing our emotional vibe is different from using intuitive, heart-based guidance. Emotions provide an instant readout. Heart-based guidance provides a deeper overall consideration of all the variables! To do a comprehensive heart-based assessment takes more time and requires inner contemplation. Emotions are fine for small, quick choices. However, big personal decisions that have far reaching consequences require intuitive, heart-based guidance. Remember, for a fast readout, our emotions are a useful guide. Emotion guidance is a useful addition to using our deeper intuition. And with some practice, our emotions are surprisingly accurate! We can get an instant readout of how we’re going at that time. We simply check the associated vibe.

…Do you understand when to use emotions VS heart-based intuition?


There is another way to improve the accuracy of our emotion guidance system. That is to only use the purest part of the emotion to guide you. The goal is to focus on only the PURE emotion and remain unattached to any other narrative. The pure emotion component is what remains when we stop all thinking about an event. We must avoid any analysis or preconception of a particular outcome. This helps us minimize the narrative & drama associated with the emotion. If we are stuck in the associated story or drama, our emotions can lead us astray. The assessment of our vibe can be contaminated by additional thoughts or mental narratives. The more we can separate the pure emotion from the associated drama, the more accurate the reading will be.

…Can you see the danger of engaging in the drama around an emotion?


If our perspective is not objective or neutral, then our assessment becomes distorted. We can become swamped or distracted by strong emotions that arise. We have then become biased, non-rational and ‘emotional’. The trick is to make the emotional assessment without thinking about it. The analysis is more of an intuitive sensing than an intellectual analysis. This is how we avoid adding any expectation or bias.

…Do you see how easily our emotional assessment can become biased?


We want to avoid any reactive thinking that layers on top of the pure emotion. It is unhelpful to engage with any additional narrative around the core issue. This narrative arises from our past experiences, social conditioning, and the propaganda we have been exposed to. Instead, bypass all this ‘story’ by engaging only with the pure emotion. Remember, a pure emotion is the best reference point for assessing our vibe. Isolating this pure feeling gives the most accurate assessment. But it is not always easy in dramatic situations. Mastering this involves practicing inner awareness and un-attaching ourselves from expectations. This is an important part of raising our emotional intelligence. We all have the ability to access only the pure emotion, but it does take practice.


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