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SOS BOOK Chapter 3: SOS signals an emergency.

SOS is an emergency signal. It’s the international symbol for distress. There is so much distress in our world! There is so much suffering in our lives! But when will we really notice this? What will we then do?

Will we heed our personal distress? Will we respond to our personal SOS call for help? The best response is to change ourselves. But we will only do this when we are Sick Of Suffering. There is also a way to permanently Stop Our Suffering? The answer is to deeply transform ourselves!

This SOS book is a non-religious guide to personal transformation. It's much needed in these turbulent times. It's a simple guide to resetting our life and starting afresh. That’s how we find real meaning & joy in life. Then we can finally start living our dreams!

This SOS book offers both a RESET and RECOVERY process for your life. If you are in crisis, or just dissatisfied with life, this book can really help! It can be a steadfast companion in a time of need. This book provides a steady foundation for our recovery. It offers ongoing support at times of need.

This SOS book can change your life for the better! Learn how to use your inner guidance systems. Release your hidden talent & potential. Choose inner peace, fulfilment and lasting happiness! That’s what we are really meant to do!

The SOS book should come with a WARNING… This book can dramatically change your life for the better but is a real danger to your ego!


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