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SOS BOOK Chapter 5: Before you begin.


We humbly thank you, the reader. Congratulations on starting a path of personal growth & inner transformation. This is a righteous & noble endeavor! This may start your Ultimate Quest. There is potentially great benefit to you, and to mankind. But the challenges ahead can be significant! May this book encourage you and help you along the way.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS. is an independent personal development website. It’s run by volunteers who love sharing their passion for inner growth. We enjoy developing self-development content that will help uplift others. Our hope is to help others to grow. is non-religious, unaligned and not-for-profit. We are totally independent and not associated with any organization or religion. We are purely driven by service through giving & sharing.

We do not promote dogma of any kind. We encourage free thinking and self-expression. We feel that helping individuals to raise their individual consciousness is the best way forward for humanity.

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This book is intended as an aid to personal awakening and inner self development. It is not a substitute for the advice and guidance of trained health professionals including medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and trained counsellors. This book contains the specific beliefs and opinions of the authors. It is not intended as a diagnostic tool or treatment program.


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