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SOS BOOK Chapter 6: A preface.


A life crisis can be thought of as an emergency situation. Our personal distress acts like an emergency SOS signal. It signals our need for understanding from others. We often need some personal assistance too!

But our SOS is not just a call to others. Our distress is also a wake-up call to ourselves. It is a call for inner-strength and for inner-guidance! We CAN find great courage & wisdom within ourselves. We can reconnect to our own true nature!

The best help in a crisis will come from deep within ourselves. A crisis provides a unique opportunity to look within ourselves! In this way, we can reset our life and heal our past trauma as well. We can pause, reassess, and start afresh!

Sometimes a life crisis can escalate or become overwhelming. That makes our distress even worse! We can be headed for total breakdown. What can we do to minimize or prevent this? This book can help, but the sooner we start the better!

Deeply repressed emotions can be triggered by a crisis! So, we have to be prepared for that. We have likely adapted ourselves to compensate for past trauma. Our current distress can then reactivate powerful feelings from the past. No wonder we can become overwhelmed by a crisis! But what do we do next?

But we don't always need a crisis, for us to change our ways. Maybe it’s now time to pause and reflect on our life. We probably have enough frustration & dissatisfaction to motivate us right now? Even our current stress, worry or sadness might be sufficient incentive! We may already be Sick Of Suffering!


We can turn our life around! We can stop a further breakdown. We can minimize a life-crisis, or even prevent one from happening! This book explains what to do! It can serve as a steady companion, to gently guide us through this process.

The solution starts by having a heightened awareness of our true situation. When we are fully aware and engaged, we better see how to change! We can pause, reset our life, and start anew! A crisis can help raise our level of awareness. It provides a unique window of opportunity.

Giving ourselves some initial ‘time out’ is essential. That’s how we stabilize, after a crisis, and start our recovery. First, we stop or pause to reflect inwardly. We quietly contemplate our situation and our life. That’s how we start our reset and move in the right direction. It’s that simple, but too often we will resist!

Our personal ‘time out’ may be forced on us, by the life-crisis. That's because our usual work or routine has become disrupted. Otherwise, we personally need to ‘make the time’ for quiet contemplation and a life review. We need to look deeply within. We reassess our past and discover what we really need for the future.

It's in deep contemplation that we find the very best answers! From that quiet inner-place we get a new perspective. Regular ongoing contemplation will provide further insights and nudges. This is the guidance we most need! We can then prevent further decline. That’s how we start our healing and find a new way!

Our inner guidance will help us navigate our new path in life. The right path will lead us to more joy & fulfilment. That’s how we know we are on track! We then aim to live our passion. We just follow our joy. We might also search for our purpose in life. That’s how we can start our life’s true quest.


This book proposes that our personal suffering is far greater than we estimate. We have usually ignored or downplayed our distress! This hidden suffering includes our daily frustration & dissatisfaction in life. It also includes our resistance to life and our reluctance to change! But because this distress seems so universal, we believe it is inevitable. We don't realize that our suffering is optional! Initially, that does not even seem possible!

The accumulation of all our chronic suffering can lead to a personal crisis, or even disease. We all know that physical disease can cause suffering. But the reverse is not well appreciated! Our low-grade suffering causes sickness too! Suffering from any cause, leads to dysfunction, and even more disease! All our suffering adds to that load. So, this should be addressed! That’s what we do in this book.

We also contribute to our suffering by not living a joyful & meaningful life. This causes a conflict with our inner needs & drives. Too often we neglect our true passions and our purpose in life. So, we suffer the consequences of this inner neglect. This too adds to our suffering! All this sets us up for a crisis, and even disease! But how do we address and overcome this?

This SOS book provides a better understanding of our true inner nature. This helps us to reset our lives and become whole again. We can better understand our deep inner needs and the heart-based desires that drive us. By connecting with our true inner nature, we can significantly reduce our suffering. This inner connection helps us optimize our joy, and our fulfillment in life.

Even a minor crisis can trigger deeply repressed emotional issues. If not handled correctly, we can become overwhelmed. So, it's important to navigate a crisis situation wisely. We have a unique window of opportunity to transform ourselves after a crisis, or after a personal realization! This book helps us utilize this valuable opportunity.

We need to acknowledge our past trauma and social conditioning. These contribute to our dysfunctional behavior and our bad habits. These need to change if we want to optimize our new life! This book provides a better understanding of how to do this. Then we can start to heal our past.

How do we speed up our recovery? This book offers many additional approaches. One way is to restore our autonomy. This means taking back personal control of our decision making. We can then choose a more positive & proactive way forward. In this way, we raise our vibe! We then choose a path of inner peace.

We propose that deep inside ourselves, we have the answers we most need. We also have powerful inner needs and yearnings that we have denied. This includes a heart-felt desire to live a life that really satisfies. That inner drive can power us forward on our new path. This book will explain how.


We might call this new way ‘following our passion’ or ‘our life-purpose’. If we suppress these deep inner drives, we limit ourselves. We then sabotage our joy, wellbeing and potential, without even knowing.

This SOS book explains how to access our deep inner needs & desires. We can then utilize these powerful drives, instead of resisting them! This process will engage our special talents and hidden capacity. This can speed our progress and our recovery. We can find a new way and start this new path.

The right path promotes our wellbeing and allows us more joy. We then find fulfillment and an inner peace. That’s what we really seek! This book provides a road map, to help us find our way. But we must do some inner work! That means committing to this process and utilizing our inner guidance.

Too often, we sacrifice our wellbeing and our health. We don't value joy or know how to be at peace. We damage our relationships and our health in the process. Too often, we don't know what to do! So, this SOS book can really help.

We can reset our life after a crisis, or right now! We can even prevent a breakdown from happening. Simply by changing our perception and decision making, we can change our life. That’s how we start to transform ourselves for the better. This is the way forward!

This SOS book explains in simple terms, just what to do. It provides a range of potential strategies & techniques. We might call this process a ‘personal transformation’. This book takes us through this process very gently, patiently and methodically, step by step. It might even inspire us to make a start, right now!


There is an important choice to make! Will we choose a new way, or just more suffering & decline? Yes, it's our personal choice!

Remember what's on the line:

● our health & wellbeing

● our family & relationships

● our work & finances

● our joy & inner peace

● our fulfillment & purpose

● our full potential

The best solutions will be simple!

They come from within ourselves.

...will you choose to look within?


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