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SOS BOOK Chapter 4: Are you sick of suffering?

We suffer much more than we realize.

That’s especially so in our personal lives.

Will we just continue to compensate?

Will we stay silent… or just complain?

Our suffering produces dissatisfaction.

It's a frustration and resistance to life.

We are unhappy, sad and just not content.

All this leads to a crisis, and even disease!

But is this suffering inevitable?

...Is it really OUR choice?

So much suffering can be avoided.

But will we commit and start now?

Only we can decide when we are ‘sick of suffering’.

We then choose forgiveness & self-love instead.

But how do we do this, and what is this love?

It all sounds romantic, like some fairy-tale!

Yes, there can be resistance to trying this path.

So, a crisis can help us to finally break through!

We have tried other options and battled before.

But where did that get us? Yet another dead end?

So, what is the right answer? What is the best way?

It’s NOT to just compensate! It’s NOT to just cope!

We have listened to others and been led astray.

So, it’s NOW time to listen to our inner self!

But we only trust experts, or we follow the crowd.

We’ve NOT been encouraged to trust our true self!

We do know how to do this. We’ve just forgotten how!

We left all that in childhood, along with all our dreams.

We gave away our sovereignty, and our right to choose.

But we can restore our freedom, and yet again decide!

When we’re finally sick of suffering, we will try that way.

We can simply start by pausing... and just accept our self!

We soften our toughness and love ourselves more.

We honor our true needs, and heed that inner voice.

We just trust our heartfelt knowing!

That's HOW we find our way.

The best answer is usually simple.

It’s already a part of ourselves!

But will we agree to accept this?

Will we forgive, and return home?

…let’s find out!


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