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SOS BOOK Chapter 17: We hold back our potential!


Unfortunately, most of us downplay our heart-felt needs & desires. We hold back on our life quest. By denying these inner needs & drives, we constrain ourselves. We limit our happiness, wellbeing, and our creative potential. But what excuses do we really have?

We might use the excuse that such an ‘inner journey’ seems too vague. Or this process seems too mystical or magical! We might tell ourselves we’re already overcommitted. Or that we are incapable of such ‘inner work’. But is this just avoidance, denial or a lack of self-worth? This doubt or fear is just our ego hard at work!

We often succumb to some ego-based avoidance strategy! But in doing so, we resist our birthright and our potential! We put our current happiness and well-being at considerable risk. So, we continue to suffer, often without realizing. Remember, in order to really change our ways, we must be ‘sick of suffering’.

…Are you approaching that tipping point?


Hopefully our chronic dissatisfaction in life will be sufficient motivation to change. Our frustration with life can be the first warning sign! But sometimes it takes a life-crisis to awaken us? Eventually the realization of our true situation will dawn on us. A life crisis just makes the consequences of ignoring our predicament more real.

A life crisis can help break old patterns of denial & avoidance. We receive a powerful invitation to review our life and ourselves. A crisis confirms we have an underlying problem and highlights the need to change. It’s a powerful incentive to break old habits and to change our ways.

Finally, we might consider our own deep needs & inner drives. After a crisis we can better see the consequences of denying our true desires. The cost includes our health, wellbeing and our happiness. There is a significant price to pay for continuing to deny our inner self.

…Will you continue to pay the price of staying stagnant?


Most of us delay our inner self-development! We distract ourselves with material things. This is what social conditioning has taught us to value. We waste considerable energy in suppressing our true inner nature.

It might be surprising, but it takes considerable effort to hold back our happiness & potential. By avoiding inner growth, we deny ourselves joy & wellbeing. We resist the meaningful expression of our true self. We deny our true creative potential!

We are all prone to the egos’ avoidance strategies. It’s just a matter of degree! The big question is ‘when will we wake up’? When will we realize what we have actually been doing? When will we realize the damage we have already caused? This damage is not just to ourselves but to all our relationships. Will we realize what we have been missing out on? Will we regret the time & energy we have squandered? That indicates we are sick of suffering. Then we can move on to a new way.

…Are you committed to a new way forward?


Remember, our human lifetime is so short! Can we risk deferring our plans to do something meaningful with our life? We may already have suffered a life crisis! Our productive time is fast running out!

There may still be time to transform our lives & ourselves! This SOS book can help gently guide us through this process. This book is a simple guide to starting an inner journey of self-discovery. It can serve as a steady companion in times of conflict or crisis. So, keep reading!


Expressing our deep desires is essential for mental & emotional wellbeing. We have these inherent or ‘higher order’ needs. These drives are deep within us. It’s the urge to express our inner nature, and live as we really meant.

We seek lasting happiness & fulfillment in our life. We crave the self-expression of our inner being. We can only hold back this powerful urge for a limited time. There is an increasing penalty to pay, and this cost is considerable! We will detail how this works shortly.

…Do you acknowledge you have been denying your inner needs?


Ultimately our success in personal transformation will come down to one factor. That is how unconditionally loving we can be to ourselves, and to others.

From a higher or spiritual perspective, that’s what really matters! Loving kindness is the key! That especially applies to ourselves after a life crisis. Will we choose to become more kind & loving to ourselves? Eventually we will become sick of suffering. We then choose compassion for ourselves & each other. We choose an authentic self-love to power our recovery and personal healing.

…Will you love yourself and others enough to start?


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