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"Just be a little more kind… first to yourself & then others."


Contemplate what BEING KIND & CARING really means. Be a little more kind to yourself first and then to others. Become more aware of how you choose to be kind. Practise tuning in to your intuitive guidance.

Let’s START with the first part of the challenge...

Consider what ‘BEING KIND’ or ‘CARING’ really means to YOU.

Being KIND does NOT mean giving in to compulsive urges and temporary pleasures! It means making the best long term choice for your wellbeing and all others concerned!

Supporting addictive or compulsive behaviour is NOT really caring for yourself or others. Remember that temporary pleasure is just that: temporary or transient. Short term pleasures are often not the best option! It‘s not truly caring about what is best in the long-term. That’s not really being most kind or caring, is it?

PRACTISE tuning in to your inner knowing or deep intuition. Seek insight about what kindness and caring really means...


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