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"Your Ultimate Quest is the greatest pursuit you could ever envision."


This is episode #12 which is the final summary episode in the 'Finding your passion’ series. We will review everything we covered in episodes #1 to #11 of the podcast.


Episode #1 was titled: “What is an Ultimate Quest?”. In episode 1 we introduced the concept of an “Ultimate Quest”. An Ultimate Quest is what we are really meant to do with our life. It’s the greatest pursuit we could ever envision. It’s the grand exploration of what we yearn for, deep inside.

Everyone’s quest is unique. Discovering your Ultimate Quest is one of your big challenges in life. Keep in mind, your Ego will try to sabotage your quest through doubt and fear.

There are five levels of quest you can embark on. You can mix and match these.

LEVEL 1 is physical & materialistic.

LEVEL 2 is the psychological level.

LEVEL 3 is philosophical & spiritual.

LEVEL 4 is fully accepting ‘what is’.

LEVEL 5 is cosmic & wholistic.

JOY means you’re living your passion.

PASSION means living your purpose.

PURPOSE provides meaning to life.

▪ The search for what has the highest meaning is your ULTIMATE QUEST.


Episode #2 was titled “What type of personal development is required?”. Finding our passion in life is often a challenge. Embarking on our Ultimate Quest is even more ambitious. So we need to develop ourselves in order to achieve this. This podcast can give you some tips on how to navigate your life and your Ultimate Quest... but only YOU can work out the right choice. And you are personally responsible. That’s why it’s called personal development!


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