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"Start your Ultimate Quest by practising quiet contemplation."


The trick to discovering your Ultimate Quest is NOT to think about it! Avoid using your intellect & Ego. Instead, start your Ultimate Quest with a technique called quiet contemplation. Sit silently and let any insights gently surface into your conscious mind.

Personal development is an inner journey that helps us to see the world and ourselves in a new way. Here are 3 steps to help us begin a personal transformation:

Step 1 is awakening to the need to change ourselves.

Step 2 is raising our ‘awareness’ of our thoughts, emotions & beliefs.

Step 3 is tuning into our intuitive knowing for insight & guidance.

Personal development leads to a more joyful & fulfilling life. Through this inner transformation we find contentment & peace. We might even discover our Ultimate Quest.


Episode #3 was titled “How do you know if something is right for you?”. In this episode we discuss our 3 main internal guidance systems. These guidance systems help us to find our passion and navigate our Ultimate Quest. The first was our emotion-based guidance system. We do an instant spotcheck and quickly assess the vibe. We sense our emotions and feelings in our body. That’s our gut feeling. Our emotion guidance system is fast and easy to recognise. But it’s only accurate for simple issues.

The second guidance system is our deep intuitive discernment. This is our quiet inner voice. It’s our heart-felt, inner knowing. This deep intuitive discernment can give us a gentle nudge or a powerful AHA-moment! But it can take considerable time for this to unfold and rise to our consciousness. So, deep intuitive discernment is slower. However it’s the best option for big & complex decisions in our personal life.


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