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"Try feeling a mild emotion. We must briefly experience it for the emotion to be released!"


Can you IDENTIFY an emotion you recently felt? One which wasn’t too strong or overwhelming? Don’t tackle anything too difficult or traumatic at this early stage. Always seek additional expert or professional help if you repeatedly find this process too distressing.


Identifying & labelling an emotion can be useful in processing them. Start by working out whether it feels GOOD or BAD. Most can usually do that with just a little practice. AVOID thinking about WHY the emotion feels good or bad! Just recognise & categorise it! Don’t attach to the story. Don’t dwell on the drama!


Whenever you experience an emotion or a feeling, briefly acknowledge it. Simply ask yourself whether it feels GOOD or BAD? To know for sure, you must briefly experience how it feels! TUNE IN to that FEELING. How does it FEEL in your BODY?


Feeling an emotion, even briefly is essential. Feeling it will INITIATE the RELEASE. Feel only the pure emotion, then observe it! Be positive! Don’t dwell on the storyline. Becoming fearful suppresses the emotion. Just feel the pure emotion without the story. That minimizes the fear! Then it will pass!


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