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Emotional intelligence - The Book

Welcome to episodes #15-17 of the podcast.

In these episodes we explore 'Emotional Intelligence'.

  • Can you properly manage a negative emotion?

  • Can you easily process & release your emotions?

The aim is to rapidly RAISE YOUR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. This is also known as raising your ‘Emotional IQ’ or ‘Emotional Mastery’!

Don’t worry… we will start slowly with the basics! Look at this topic with a fresh perspective and an open mind. You might be surprised what you can learn and achieve! Just work at your own pace and enjoy the challenge.

The core foundation of Emotional Intelligence is EMOTIONAL HYGIENE! This is learning how to simply & effectively ‘deal with’ an uncomfortable emotion! We need to RELEASE the pressure of these ‘difficult’ feelings so they won’t cause internal damage!

This practice is called EMOTIONAL PROCESSING. It’s essential for our emotional growth & personal development! If we don’t learn how to process our emotions, we get STUCK at a childhood level of emotional functioning. We then REVERT back to this childhood level when triggered by life events!


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