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"The best life choices utilise intuition, emotions & logic."


The third guidance system is intellectual logical discernment. This is usually the only system taught at school. It’s suitable for simple logistical decisions, but NOT complex life choices. It’s moderately fast, but is often biased or flawed.

To make the best life choices, we need the right blend of all three guidance systems. This helps balance all the competing priorities and promotes a life of joy, inner peace & fulfilment. Then we can live a life full of passion and purpose. We can even tackle our Ultimate Quest!


Episode #4 was titled “Hints for finding your Ultimate Quest”. The first hint was to be open, curious and engaged in the process. You must be willing to look deep within yourself. Another clue is to explore your current passions in life. Think about what activity you love and would want to do… possibly forever!

But, be warned that your Ego will try to discourage you from discovering your quest. So avoid your Ego and instead listen to your inner guidance. Try to find 15 minutes each day to relax & quietly contemplate. Be open & curious, but don’t activate your thinking processes. Instead, tune-in to your intuitive knowing. Explore your day dreams and night dreams. And reflect on your past dreams as a child. These might provide valuable hints on what your quest could really be.

If you are struggling with formal contemplation or meditation, there is another way. You can discover your quest by absorbing yourself in the beauty of nature. Or you can engage in creative pursuits. Relaxing or joyful activities will also spontaneously trigger new insights. These techniques make it easier to discover your passion and purpose in life. From this strong foundation, you will be more successful on your Ultimate Quest.


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