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"Being satisfied, fulfilled & at peace means you’re living your passion."


Episode #5 was titled “Are you really satisfied with your life?”. We are likely on track with our life purpose if we feel satisfied and at peace. Dissatisfaction indicates we are not on the right path! Being satisfied & content indicates we are living our passion. It might also indicate we are on our Ultimate Quest.

There’s a very big difference between tapping into our inner power versus exerting brute force & control. We encourage you to embrace the power of love, not the love of power. Remember, materialism never fully satisfies.

We can start our Ultimate Quest just by realizing that we deserve unconditional love! Knowing that you are always loved offers true security, not just temporary safety. This true inner power gives us the confidence to make positive change!

Our Ego is the greatest foe in our quest for meaning & purpose. But the Ego masquerades as our best friend! Our Ego pushes us toward materialistic goals that never truly satisfy. So, recognise when the Ego is up to its tricks!

Don’t let unwarranted fear & doubt consume you. Instead, process and release these negative feelings & emotions. By letting go of anxieties we gain courage & wisdom.


Episode #6 was titled“Preventing self-sabotage on your Ultimate Quest”. It’s so important to embrace your purpose & mission in life. Aligning with your purpose helps reduce self-sabotage. Being on the right path also helps us overcome doubt & fear. The best way to discover our life quest is through deep intuitive insight. Intellect & logic is not effective for such big life questions.


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