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SOS BOOK Chapter 68: Strategy #4. Confirm your commitment.


Success in personal growth requires a commitment to the journey. This confirmation prepares us for a personal transformation. Are you ready to commit to this inner change? Let's review what is required and how to make a more powerful commitment. To succeed, we first need sufficient motivation to change. To build our motivation, we can reflect on a recent life crisis. Or our chronic dissatisfaction might be sufficient motivation. Inwardly we know that our frustration & suffering will just continue if we don’t change!


We need both motivation and ongoing determination to change our lives. And we alone are responsible for this. We do this transformation by ourselves, to ourselves, and for ourselves. This process can start simply by becoming more aware of our thoughts & feelings. We select preferred lines of thought in a deliberate conscious way. This is called raising our ‘awareness’. We then make deliberate choices which we are responsible for! We no longer live on autopilot or use old habits! Let's briefly review the first 4 ‘strategies for success’ that help accelerate this. Remember it's our commitment to doing these things that leads to success.


Strategy #1 in this series was to deliberately decide our preferred destination or ‘dream reality’. This visualization is how we start to create our personal destiny. Then we attract this reality to us! This is the concept of ‘deliberate manifestation’.

We visualize and envisage what it would be like to live that way. We imagine living that role and ‘role play’ the reality we seek! In doing that, we confirm what we really want. The vibe we hold attracts this reality to ourselves. The attraction process will continue as long as we hold the same vibe or higher. We just hold this initial intent very gently in our mind. We believe it's already a ‘done deal’. We don’t need to continually repeat the visualization process. We simply reinforce our consent by gently holding the intent and trusting in the process. The right path will then synchronistically unfold. However, we do need to be open to these clues and recognize the ‘signposts’ But this is the fun part!

…Are you able to gently hold the intent and trust the process?


We are responsible for what we manifest. Initially we may not get it all right and that is part of our personal growth. We may not yet understand all our ‘inner needs’ or true-life purpose. So, our initial manifestation will only be an approximation of what is best for us! That’s ok. We simply start with a general notion of who we want to be. We usually have some idea of our future calling. Ideally, this is a heartfelt notion of what our true passion is! That helps direct our aim. Then we gradually build on this through ongoing deep inner reflection. We look for what brings us meaning & purpose in our life. This is an evolving process.

…Have you started this gradual process of finding your purpose?


How do we correctly choose what to manifest? Our dreams will guide us as to what choices to make. Our dream will be our heartfelt desire. It will be aligned with what brings us joy, meaning & purpose in our life. Our ideal role is what both our physical personality & higher self are aligned with. Our ideal role will be in our own best interests and for all those involved! This role will correspond with our true inner needs. This goal will require deep commitment and our ongoing consent. As confirmation we will also need to dedicate time, resources & energy to this. However, if we are on track this will seem exciting, fun and ‘time will fly’.

…Have you found a dream that strongly resonates with you?


We must really want and value our ideal goal, with our whole being. If we are not committed, the hurdles and obstacles ahead will be too great to overcome. We will need to find a way over or around these obstacles! That’s why we must value the final outcome high enough to give it our all.

…Can you see how passion and purpose can help overcome obstacles?

If we are struggling to commit, this means our true path and destination is elsewhere. This prompts us to recheck our path and destination. Each of us is so unique. We have special abilities, capacities & great potential. When we are on the right track these will be activated and optimized. They will further support us. Then we can achieve what we really need to do.


Strategy #2 was to employ our emotional guidance system. Our emotions provide a quick check of our energetic vibe. They can provide short term guidance on decision making. A high ‘inner vibe’ such as joy indicates we are on track! Our emotions can confirm our commitment. But we also have another ‘inner guidance system’ that can confirm that we are on track. This is our inner voice. It’s sometimes termed our inner coach. Our inner voice is our best guide for major life decisions!


The quality of this ‘inner voice’ is soft and gentle. It’s not demanding. So, it can seem meek or timid in comparison to the loud demands of our ego. If we don't tune in, our inner voice can become lost in the background noise. This background noise includes our thoughts, emotions & physical sensations. We can become overwhelmed by the sensory input of our everyday life. So, we need to quieten our mind and tune-in. We need to listen for that inner voice.

…Do you give yourself the space to hear your inner voice?


As we start our inner transformation, our inner voice becomes more recognizable and familiar! And we increasingly value its input. We then allow more time to tune-in regularly. This inner voice will help vocalize our true inner needs. It will confirm that we have made the right commitment. This inner guidance is presented in the form of neutral suggestions. These suggestions will guide us towards what we deeply desire. This higher guidance will also unleash our full capacity & potential.

…What suggestions are your inner voice offering you?


To succeed in our desired role, we must also unlock our hidden capacity. We might not yet have unlocked all the abilities that we will need. This is part of the inner transformation we will undergo! But how do we do this? We tap into our unique potential in a simple way. We do this by tuning in to our inner knowing and deep intuitive nature. Our inner voice guides us on this path and helps unfold the required abilities along the way!

…Are you looking forward to expressing your talents and special abilities?


We can further upgrade our mind through simple mind-training exercises. This starts with our daily practice of time-out for quiet contemplation or meditation. This strengthens our inner connection.

This inner connection also helps reveal more of our true purpose! It also enables the full capacity we need for our true calling. This is how we unlock the hidden ability required to achieve our deepest passion.

Does all this sound like hard work? With the right dream and some good strategies, it can be quite effortless! In the next chapter we discuss how to reduce the effort required. We term this ‘effortless effort’.


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