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SOS BOOK Chapter 25: Don't give up!


Inwardly, we long for fulfillment in our lives. To achieve this, we need to uncover our deep inner needs. They will help drive us to express our unique life purpose. So, we must first understand our innermost needs. We then utilize its motivational drive to power our life quest. That's how we express our potential. That's how we find joy and fulfillment.

Our individual fulfillment can also serve humanity. Others can benefit from our unique or special abilities. We will probably want to share our gifts & talents. Because we’re doing something we enjoy, this work will seem effortless. We feel inspired to do it! Living this way is the big secret to lasting happiness. Sharing our gift with others then takes it to the next level.


Lasting happiness can only be generated from this inner process. It does not come from materialistic pursuits in the external world. Those that achieve this realization are indeed perceptive and fortunate individuals.

Very few make this big leap without first experiencing dissatisfaction. For us to awaken to this realization and then live a new way, it may take a crisis, or even many. Sometimes much suffering is required! Each person will have their own limit or timing. Finally, we will reach the tipping point! We will become sufficiently sick of suffering!

…Are you so sick of suffering that you are motivated to change?


Will we take personal responsibility for our life? Will we create a meaningful & joyful life? It can be a shock to realize that we are responsible for our happiness! To consciously accept this responsibility is a major achievement.

Only we can create our lasting happiness & fulfillment. This process doesn’t occur by luck or chance. It happens within ourselves, and we do this by ourselves, through our personal choices. So, maintaining an awareness of this process is very important!


Realizing that we are responsible for our happiness, can become a powerful motivating force. But what do we do? How do we start changing our lives and ourselves? That is what this SOS book will explain. It’s the process by which we can Stop Our Suffering. But remember, to do this, we must really be Sick Of Suffering. Otherwise, we may not follow through!

Sometimes changing our life can just seem too difficult. We tend to be lazy! We doubt our ability to achieve this goal, or to sustain this long term. We might not even feel sufficiently worthy. Even worse, we might be close minded or cynical! This is all just our subconscious ego at work! Our ego will try many ways to dissuade us from changing ourselves.

…Do you recognize that your ego keeps you suffering?


We usually prefer to stay in our comfort zone with our old habits. So, we tend to procrastinate or back out of new ventures. It’s easy to revert to old patterns of thinking & behaving. We tend to have a fixed expectation of what will occur! All these things can limit us! But what a loss this would be... to just give up! What a waste of a unique opportunity.

Instead of taking responsibility for our happiness, we usually go back into denial. We continue using distractions and avoid facing the real issues. We just hope to get through the next day, the next week or the next year. We settle for small changes, and temporary measures. The alternative is to transform our lives & ourselves!

…Is positive change really scarier than continuing to suffer?


Most people settle for temporary aids to help them get by. We first try those that are acceptable to our social group or peers. These might include caffeine, alcohol or nicotine. We also utilize various comforting behavioral patterns like shopping & overeating. These produce a similar effect to ingesting chemicals. We over-indulge in our favorite behavior for comfort.

These addictive habits can become our main coping strategy! But remember, these pleasure-seeking behaviors only provide temporary comfort. Plus, they damage our wellbeing and health in the process. It’s not the ‘real thing’ that we seek! This doesn’t allow inner peace, contentment and fulfillment. It doesn’t bring us lasting happiness or joy. But do we realize this yet?


How do many people get through a busy workday? First, we might try socially accepted stimulants such as caffeine or nicotine. These seem to give us more energy and help us stay alert at work. We might use coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, energy drinks or even cigarettes. These help keep us awake & artificially energized or ‘pepped up’ during the day.

But what do we do in the evenings, to wind down sufficiently? To de-stress we might resort to chemical relaxants. This might be a drink or two of alcohol with friends, or possibly some cannabis, to help us settle or sleep.

…Do you rely on stimulants or relaxants?


We may sometimes require a medical sedative or tranquilizer if we still feel too uptight or depressed. Sometimes we are prescribed a relaxant, sleeping tablet or antidepressant in an attempt to help. The doctor’s prescription for our medication supposedly verifies its necessity & social acceptability.

These ‘chemical solutions’ to a much deeper problem are just a quick fix. But they are only temporary solutions, with a considerable downside! That’s why so many of us are stuck!

…Are you stuck with using temporary fixes?

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