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SOS BOOK Chapter 13: We contribute uniqueness to the world.


Our inner needs & drives seem to differ slightly from those of others. That’s because they are perceived through the ‘lens’ of the personal self. Each person has their own unique view or perspective on life. This includes the way we look inwardly towards our ‘Source’ as well. This variation in our perception can be thought of as a distortion or bias. It's the result of all our past experiences in life!

We are similarly unique in how we interpret our innermost nature. Some might see this as being a slight ‘flaw’. It's a subtle difference from the norm. It’s also a departure from our origin or ‘Source’! But this variation gives us a unique quality. It contributes to the full expression of what can be made manifest! It’s like a natural diamond, with its unique internal markings & flaws. We are similarly precious & irreproducible!


In contrast to a naturally flawed diamond, a synthetic one just looks too bland & uniform. It seems ‘too perfect’ and therefore looks ‘too artificial’. It lacks the unique differences found in nature! It doesn’t have the inherent beauty and high value of a natural gem.

In the eye of an expert, this unique difference or ‘flaw’ is an inherent part of the gem's beauty. The same is true of each human life. Each of us is unique & so precious! If only we were expert enough to appreciate this inner beauty in ourselves & others!

Our deep inner needs also express themselves through our individual behavior and personality. These are like the color or clarity of a precious gem. They also contribute to our special characteristics. But will we recognize and value our qualities and our inner nature?

…Are you starting to recognize your true inner beauty?


By better understanding our inner needs & drives, we can discover our true nature. It has great depth & beauty! We can choose to pursue whatever aspect of this that we desire. This is our free-will choice, but also our responsibility! The right path will feel like we’re following our passion & purpose in life. It will feel natural, joyous, and require little effort. It will also promote our happiness and wellbeing. That’s how we know we are on track!

Following the right path in life will allow us to reach our full potential. Our life can become an external expression of our inner beauty. A life that's powered by our true inner nature, will have lasting happiness or joy. But that doesn’t happen by accident. This life path must be consciously chosen. It results from every personal choice we make! But what if we make some bad choices? Do we have a lifeline or a way to find our way back?


We soon become bored with the ‘sameness’ of anything in life. That’s no matter how perfect it might at first seem. This monotony adds to our low-grade suffering! But usually we don't recognize this! By contrast, we don’t seem to tire of creative endeavor and true beauty. This is epitomized by some unique or creative difference! There is great variety & beauty all around us. If we better appreciate this, it can uplift us!

True beauty can be found anywhere if we really look. It can be found in a golden sunset, or in a precious gem. Or it can be recognized as a work of art, or some creative endeavor. We can find this same essence of beauty in our fellow human. But sometimes all we see are the flaws!

Our inner drives also provide an antidote to the monotony & sameness of conventional life. They help us with new endeavors and help express our inner beauty. We should look for these special qualities in ourselves, and each other.


What if we were to forcefully constrain our inner nature, perhaps under great pressure? What would the end result be? Constraining our true nature will only synthesize some generic or homogenous product. We would become like a plastic trinket, that's been cheaply molded, and mass produced.

At best, this high-pressure constraining process can produce a synthetic diamond. But this still doesn't have the beauty or value of a natural gem. A natural diamond is still more precious, despite all its flaws and unpredictable cutting characteristics. This same situation applies to our own life. If we constrain our desires & dreams under much pressure, we will produce a mediocre result.

…Are you ready to let your light shine?


A well-polished gem will highlight its many shining facets. It showcases its individual nature and special features. This beauty includes its unique internal markings & flaws. Will we choose to live and shine like a polished gem?

As humans, we might see ourselves as a rough and uncut stone. That's how a gemstone first presents in its raw form. Similarly, we may not see our inner beauty or full potential.

However, by fully expressing our inner nature, we can shine brilliantly. We become like a cut & polished gem. Living a life of wonder and joy will bring out the best brilliance! Pursuing our passion & purpose is the best possible setting for the wondrous jewel that we are.

…Are you ready to express your true inner brilliance?


In summary, we all have great potential.We can all contribute value, beauty & brilliance to our world. This potential is real, even if we don’t quite recognize this yet! We aim to express the beauty of our true nature, and our talents too. Our passions in life reflect our true nature and our heart-felt needs.

We can simply follow our joy! Happiness can be thought of as the side effect of living our passion & purpose in life. If we are on the right track, our happiness will be lasting or permanent! We can start by acknowledging our inner needs and follow our true passions. This will give our life more meaning & purpose.Living a life of purpose promotes our full potential.

The path to achieving our true potential is called our life quest. This is the inner journey that we personally choose and embark on. We are however responsible for all our choices, so we should choose wisely. We fine-tune our direction in life by using our inner guidance. This journey is powered by our inner drives and seeks to express our deepest needs.


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