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"Our thinking mind can lead us astray into over-analysis."


We can live predominantly in our analytical mind. Here we use our intellect, logic & other thought-based processes. People residing in their analytical mind tend to be more logical & practical. They analyze most things using their thinking mind. They can use data & reason to interpret their world. Others use verbal or logical reasoning. So that’s where they predominantly ‘live’, in their logical or intellectual mind! Does that apply to you?

It’s possible to get stuck in over-analysis of a situation, particularly an emotional one. They can obsess over some event that happened and how they feel about it. They go over the story again and again, and endlessly ruminate on it. They make strong judgments about the situation.

Although this analytical ability can be very useful at times, it is not our optimal state. Our thinking mind can lead us astray and lock us into a state of over-analysis. Our analytical mind is limited. It does not give us the full picture. It does not provide an optimal assessment of our life.

Our analytical mind is great for occasional, practical problem solving. But it’s not a healthy place to be in all the time. Your analytical mind might feel very real, but it’s actually just a clever illusion. The thinking mind is just a gross simplification of reality. It’s an edited version of truth based on selective data and inaccurate processing rules.


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