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"If we focus on the past we can’t live our purpose in the present!"


Another place in our mind where we can reside is our fantasy zone. Here we create some fantasy state or fairytale within our mind. Our attention & awareness then resides in this illusion or fantasy.

The fantasy zone is just outside of logic & reasoning. It can feel like we are partly detached or disengaged. We all do this at times! It can provide a much-needed buffer or escape from the real world. But for some people, this fantasy state becomes their norm.

Let’s now look at the two main variations of this fantasy zone…

This fantasy can incorporate a vague hope that things will get better in the FUTURE. But if we don’t make a real change right now in the ‘present-moment’, then all this just remains a distant hope! If our focus is too much on the future and not enough on the now, then our dreams will never become reality.

Alternatively, our fantasy might focus on the world of our PAST achievements. We enhance these past stories and endlessly relive how wonderful or glorious it all was! But this is still an excuse for not trying something new in the present-moment. So, we end up not doing what we are really meant to do. We put off finding our passion & purpose in life. By focussing too much on the past, we never live our true purpose in the present!

There are various other fantasy states we all engage in. These range from low-grade daydreams to a more engaging hypnotic or trance-like state. These illusory states provide a temporary break from reality. But they can quickly become all consuming. They delay us from making real changes to our life!


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