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"Our emotional landscape is best observed from a neutral view."


We have discussed how higher awareness helps us navigate the stage drama of our EXTERNAL life. In addition to this, higher awareness is also essential for navigating and processing our INTERNAL emotions. We can neutrally observe our inner emotional landscape, just like we did with the theatre stage.

In previous episodes we discussed the importance of processing our emotions in a healthy way. We process our emotions by briefly feeling them in a safe & loving environment. Higher awareness provides this safe, neutral environment for this process to occur. This allows us to effectively process even our most painful & deeply repressed emotions. The more awareness and loving kindness we allow into the process, the faster the emotion clears.


It can feel quite threatening when processing painful suppressed emotions. So, it can be tempting to escape into some fantasy state. But remember, we can’t process our emotions from a state of false illusion. Only by facing our emotions can we experience our true reality. If you feel yourself escaping into fantasy, remember to proactively re-engage your higher awareness.

Start by processing milder emotions first, before tackling the most difficult ones. Trust that your neutral, higher perspective will keep you safe. Remember, you only need to experience the pure emotion very briefly. But emotions MUST be experienced & acknowledged, in order for them to release & fully clear!


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