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"Many live in their analytical mind. Others live in the past or the future."


Episode #8 was titled “Where are you really at, in your mind”. To be successful in living your passion and purpose we need to be in the right frame of mind. This is particularly important if we want to tackle our Ultimate Quest. In this episode we invited you to explore where in your mind your focus & awareness tends to go. That’s where you are REALLY at!

Many people live in their analytical mind. They tend to overuse their intellect. They over-use data & reasoning when interpreting the world. This is much too limiting! Some get trapped in over-analysing life events, particularly if these are emotionally charged. They go over the story again and again, and endlessly ruminate.

Some people reside in an imaginary fantasy zone or fairytale. Some live in their past experiences. Others dwell on vague hopes for the future. Regardless, they are stuck in their fantasy and don’t take positive action in the present.

Most people are also caught in a materialistic trance. They become attracted to the ‘shiny objects’ of the exciting material world. They are hypnotised to alway want and need more.

These places of fantasy in our mind are just illusions! None of these states are our optimal or true reality. They are all limited & biased and don’t give us the big picture. It’s so easy to slip into one of these illusory states of mind. It’s like living on auto-pilot. But we can break free by consciously choosing true present-moment reality. This simply requires a higher awareness.

Choosing reality over illusion might seem hard to do. But it’s actually our most natural state. We could easily do it as children, but as adults, this has been conditioned out of us. But, we can learn to utilise true present-moment reality again. It becomes easier with practice.

We live most authentically in present-moment reality. There we make better life choices that can fulfil our passion & purpose in life. Only by rejecting the illusory states can we discover our purpose. By embracing reality we can tackle our Ultimate Quest.


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