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"Higher awareness gives us access to true present moment reality."


Episode #9 was titled “Optimising your state of mind”. In this episode, we learnt that being in the right state of mind helps us achieve our goals. Then we can live our purpose and progress on our Ultimate Quest. This optimal state is called higher awareness. Higher awareness gives us access to true present-moment reality.

People sometimes refer to higher awareness as being ‘in the zone’. This is when we intuitively or by reflex, know the best choices to make. In this state we feel calm, clear & alert! This calm but alert awareness is very different from the hyper-vigilance of anxiety. Higher awareness doesn’t require energy because it is our natural state.

To rediscover true reality, we must activate our higher awareness and become PRESENT. This means placing our full awareness in the NOW-moment! Being present gives us the broader perspective of a neutral observer. Living life in the present moment promotes the most wise & loving outcomes. We become more kind & compassionate! We are in harmony & balance.

In our busy lives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by our thoughts, emotions & senses. But higher awareness gives us more separation from the drama of life. It’s even more fun to live in present-moment reality, and much less stressful! Through higher awareness we optimise our passion and make rapid progress on our Ultimate Quest.


Episode #10 was titled “Choosing the best perspective on life”. If we intend to find our purpose and tackle our Ultimate Quest, it’s very important to have the right perspective on life. Life challenges us with so much action, stress & drama to navigate. Our life is much like a stage production at a theatre. So, what would be the best seat in the theatre to view this life drama from? What would be the best position or perspective to experience & assess our life?


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