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"We become hypnotised by the shiny objects of materialism."


The most seductive illusion is our entrapment to the materialistic world! This mental state is quite powerful & hypnotic. That’s why so many people spend their time & place their awareness there! They become attracted to the ‘shiny objects’ that the material world dangles in front of them. They focus on materialism and become entranced or hypnotized by it all. So, that’s where their attention & focus remains fixed. They have become trapped in a materialistic trance!

The materialistic world is filled with stories, action & drama. It’s so engaging & alluring! It offers exciting temporary pleasures that can become addictive. No wonder so many people are drawn into it! We become mildly hypnotized by all the stimulation.

Materialism makes us forget who we really are! We forget how we are really meant to live! Instead, we prioritize WANTING to succeed and NEEDING to acquire things. These materialistic drives are taught in childhood. They have been socially conditioned.


Most of us spend our time in one of these 3 main illusory states. We might identify with our analytical intellectual mind. Or we might enjoy living in some fantasy world! Or we might be hypnotically entranced by materialism and always need and want more.

None of these mental states are our optimal or true reality! They don’t give us the big picture. They are all very limited & biased. They distract us from true present-moment reality. We can’t make the best life decisions when our mind is trapped in some illusion. This is not how we are meant to live!


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