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"Higher awareness is the key to living a life of passion & purpose."


From the back of the theatre you can view the stage as a whole. From the front, you are close to the action. As one of the actors on the stage, you are in the heat of the moment! Each perspective has a different benefit to offer. It’s our individual responsibility to choose the best perspective on our life. This is our free-will choice.

Higher awareness gives us the ability to change our perspective at any moment. Living from higher awareness even allows us to have multiple perspectives simultaneously. This gives us a richer life, and helps us to see the bigger picture.


Episode #11 was titled “How to utilise a higher awareness”. Higher awareness is the key to living a life of passion and achieving our Ultimate Quest. Remember, higher awareness is our natural state of being. It is our true home! But we must consciously choose to access & maintain higher awareness.

It’s important to use higher awareness when solving personal issues. Also use higher awareness for the big questions in life, such as “What am I meant to do with my life?”.

Higher awareness is more stable, neutral & balanced. Higher awareness does not demand our attention. So we must consciously choose to activate this state. Higher awareness promotes a wise & loving way of life. It also provides a safe environment for us to process difficult & repressed emotions. This makes it easier to experience just the pure emotion, without the painful narrative.

By being present in higher awareness, we get the best insights to life’s challenges! First, we discover our passion. Then we find deep fulfillment in living our life purpose. From higher awareness we can better navigate our life quest, or even tackle our Ultimate Quest!


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