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"Everyone’s Ultimate Quest is personal & unique to them."


Everyone’s life quest is personal and unique to them. Don’t let other people deter you with their biased perspective. Your Ego will try to talk you out of pursuing your life purpose. Be wary of its ‘clever’ arguments. Your Ego has its own agenda.

We can road-test our life quest by trying out our ideal role in life. We know we are on our Ultimate Quest if we feel full of joy. We are grateful, content & at peace! We have the natural desire to freely share our talents & abilities with others. Because of this, our Ultimate Quest will benefit others too.


Episode #7 was titled “Why you must work this out for yourself”. Discovering your passion & Ultimate Quest is a very personal process. Our best answers exist in the deepest part of our mind. This is true for almost every significant issue in life! So it’s very useful to learn this process of inner exploration.

Our inner self is where our inspiration and true genius comes from. Only YOU can discover this for yourself. You must be open, curious & patient. You must personally engage in this search at an energetic level. But, don’t force the process. It must be natural & spontaneous.

When searching for answers, watch out for clever intellectual banter. Be wary of this no matter how fancy or flash it might appear! We can easily get attached to those slick Ego-based solutions. But remember those intellectual answers don’t really satisfy in the long run. They eventually feel shallow & empty. If your answer is not heart-based, it just won’t resonate or ring true. The answer must feel right, from deep within our being. Trust in your innate intuitive ability.


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