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"Everyone’s life quest is unique & personal. You are on the right track when you feel full of joy."


Everyone’s life quest is personal and unique to them. Don’t let other people deter you with their biased perspective.

Your Ego will try to talk you out of pursuing your life purpose. Discovering that YOU are the director of your own life is very threatening for the Ego. Be wary of its ‘clever’ arguments. Remember, your Ego has its own agenda.

We can road-test our life quest by trying out our ideal role in life. We know we are on our Ultimate Quest if we feel full of joy. We will be grateful, content & at peace! We will also have the natural desire to freely share our talents & abilities. Because of this, our Ultimate Quest will benefit others too.

We invite you to make the time to quietly contemplate all this. When you do this, watch out for any sabotage from your Ego!

Good luck in discovering your passion, your purpose & your Ultimate Quest! Hope to see you next on episode #7 titled “Why you must work this out for yourself!”


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