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SOS BOOK Chapter 61: A map to find our way!


When embarking on a journey, it helps to have an overall map of the territory. This applies to a transformational journey as well! There are also some tips to better utilize this map. These will be outlined below.

Even though reading a map is a simple skill, it can be transformational. A map can help us select our direction and find our goal. We are offered various paths that lead to our goal! The following 7 tips will further help us find our way through personal transformation.


Where do we want our journey to take us? We will usually know the general direction of where we want to go. We will have an intuitive ‘knowing’ or ‘feeling’ of where we want to be.

This guidance is derived from our own inspiration & imagination. It’s what we really dream about being & doing! This is a heart-felt inner knowing. It comes from a deep aspect of ourselves. But we might need some time in quiet contemplation to uncover this.

…Have you contemplated your ultimate destination?

Our true destination will not be some shallow or materialistic fantasy. It's not control, wealth or indulgence for its own sake. Instead, it’s what we profoundly believe will make us whole, complete & fulfilled. But how do we find the best way there? The 2nd tip will help us with that.


The 2nd big tip to navigating our way is to empower our higher self. We learn to trust our intuition. We simply tune into our inner guidance. This means we don't need to micromanage every detail! This in itself is liberating. It allows more time for the creative aspects of our life.

We all have this higher wisdom and hidden ability. It does however take time & practice to hone that skill. We should make this a priority. We can also utilize the experience of others and our own intellectual understanding. But eventually we will give more weight to our inner guidance.

…Are you practicing your intuition and wisdom?

Once we have our intuitive goal in mind, we commit to the process of personal transformation to help get us there! The more powerful our intuitive knowing, the greater the depth of our commitment. When we know we are on track this increases our motivation. We can tap into this driving force for personal transformation!

But how do we avoid getting ‘lost’ or ‘bogged down’ along the way? How do we maintain our clarity? That's the third hint in this series.


We need clarity to help our decision making. But how do we achieve this? The tip is not to get trapped in the drama and all the details. Instead, we simply become an impartial or neutral observer. We un-attach from our thoughts & behavior! We appreciate every moment as being special. But we don’t attach ourselves to the associated narrative or storyline.

We also avoid micromanaging all the details. Instead, we view the bigger picture. We don't ruminate or constantly analyze each scenario.

…Can you let go of the story and drama behind what happened?

But how do we access the additional ability & capacity needed for our inner journey? That’s the subject of the 4th tip.


We can tap into our own inner talents & abilities. We can learn to harness this hidden capacity & inner knowing. This will power our quest. We already have all that we need waiting within. We just need to access and develop this. We have already started to explore this theme and will continue this in further chapters.

…Do you believe you have the untapped capacity for something greater?

What then do we do with our new ability and success? This is tip#5.


Success achieved purely for the sake of fame, money or power will feel shallow or hollow. That form of materialistic satisfaction does not last. There is no real contentment or fulfillment! Disappointment and disillusionment will slowly build. This devalues our success and leads us back to needing even more. And we become fearful of losing what we have. So, we become increasingly distracted.

So, the 5th tip to navigating our map is to be grateful and in service to others. This mindset helps make our journey worthwhile. It also increases our fulfilment. We naturally become more grateful for all we have experienced and achieved.

Eventually, we hold this appreciation and gratitude in every moment. We will progressively give more of our talent & ability, to help those around us. All humanity could potentially benefit from our work & achievement.

…Can you find something each day that you are grateful for?


Many people go through life with a big open wound from a real or imagined trauma. We carry resentment of people & past events. This ‘wound’ can bleed or fester if not properly dealt with! The resultant disease & suffering will slowly bring us down. It’s important to address our hidden resentment through forgiveness! This means forgiving ourselves too!

…Who are you ready to forgive?


To fully heal we need to address the abuse or trauma that we have experienced in our life. At a minimum, we need to release the pent-up emotion that's associated. The initiating event can be obvious, but sometimes is subtle & subjective. The trauma can be hidden in our subconscious memory or even deeply repressed.

The consequences of this trauma or perceived abuse are long lasting and often profound. We need to heal this inner wound, to become healthy & whole. This inner healing is an important part of a transformational life journey.

…What trauma are you now ready to release?

These 7 tips for inner transformation help us to read our ‘road map’ or life plan. They can help us find our way. They contribute to our overall personal development. There is also another aid we can use to help us reflect more objectively on our personal journey. We will discuss this next.


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