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"Begin your inner journey with your intent to start."

The SUGGESTIONS below will help you to gain the most benefit...

START each page by relaxing your body & stilling your mind. Try taking a few slow deep breaths to help you relax.

On the left side of each double-page is a message for you to read and then quietly contemplate. On the right side is an image with a short summary. Use both pages to further practise your contemplation.

QUIET CONTEMPLATION is an important part of your daily practice.

AFTER you have finished the daily exercise, allow your contemplation to keep running subconsciously in the background of your mind.

REMAIN OPEN to see what else comes up for you as a hidden insight! PRACTISE tuning into that powerful realm of Inner Knowing. This is experienced as a heart-felt knowing & is separate from usual thinking.

TRY contemplating this text and the image provided on the right.


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