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"You already know the answers deep within! Trust the process."


Patiently observe what insights come up for you. Often the best answers take considerable time before they surface. And you must be open to these insights & realisations. Remember, you do already know the answers deep within! Just trust the process and invite them in. But don't worry or put too much pressure on yourself. That is counterproductive and just slows the process. We explain more about this process in the next episode #2.


Episode #1 was titled: “What’s an Ultimate Quest?”. In episode #1 we introduced the concept of an “Ultimate Quest”. An Ultimate Quest is what we are really meant to do with our life. It’s the greatest pursuit we could ever envision for ourselves. It’s the grand exploration of what we yearn for, deep inside.

Everyone’s quest is unique. Discovering your Ultimate Quest is one of your big challenges in life. There are five levels of quest that you can embark on. You can mix and match these different levels as you go!

  • LEVEL 1 is physical & materialistic.

  • LEVEL 2 is the psychological level.

  • LEVEL 3 is philosophical & spiritual.

  • LEVEL 4 is fully accepting ‘what is’.

  • LEVEL 5 is the cosmic & wholistic level.


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