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"What would you love to do forever? Explore your passions & dreams."


Episode #4 was titled “Hints for finding your Ultimate Quest”. Be open, curious and engaged in the process. You must be willing to look deep within yourself. Explore your current passions in life. Think about what activity you love and would want to do… possibly forever! Explore your day dreams and night dreams. And reflect on your past dreams as a child. These might provide hints on what your quest could really be.

Your Ego will discourage you from discovering your quest. So avoid your Ego and instead listen to your inner guidance. Try to find 15 minutes each day to relax & quietly contemplate. Don’t activate your thinking processes. Instead, tune-in to your intuitive knowing. If you are struggling with formal contemplation or meditation, try to absorb yourself in the beauty of nature. Or engage in creative, relaxing or joyful activities to spontaneously trigger new insights.


Episode #5 was titled “Are you really satisfied with your life?”. Being satisfied & content indicates we are living our passion. It might also indicate we are on our Ultimate Quest. Dissatisfaction indicates we are not on the right path! Embrace the power of love, not the love of power. Realize that you deserve unconditional love.

Our Ego-mind is the greatest foe in our quest for meaning & purpose. But the Ego masquerades as our best friend! Our Ego pushes us towards materialistic goals that never truly satisfy. So, recognise when the Ego is up to its tricks! Don’t let unwarranted fear & doubt consume you. Instead, process and release these negative feelings & emotions. By letting go of our fear, we gain more courage & wisdom.


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