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"We can wake-up to the fact that something is not right in our life."


So how do we start an inner transformation? The first step of an inner journey or an Ultimate Quest is to ‘awaken’! We WAKE UP to the fact that something is not right in our life.

We recognise that we feel constantly dissatisfied. Our life can be boring or even worse is constantly frustrating. There is no joy or passion. We realise that we are just struggling through life. All this might lead to a life crisis.

Eventually, we realize that we need to change OURSELF… not the external world. Plus we realize that we are solely responsible for creating that change. This responsibility can feel rather overwhelming. Think about that responsibility!

This realization that we are responsible for our own growth can be quite a wake-up call! We of course mean a wake-up call in the meta-physical sense. Although some of us, I suspect didn’t get quite enough sleep last night, so you might want to move your body a little or rub your eyes. Good luck in staying awake!


After we awaken to our need for change, the second step is to practise raising our ‘awareness’. That simply means becoming more aware of what’s REALLY going on!

Higher awareness is more than just our physical senses and observing the external world around us. For personal growth, it’s more important to have an expanded INTERNAL awareness. But what is that exactly?


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