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"Build trust in your inner guidance. You can learn from your mistakes."


Remember, it takes time to build trust in these inner guidance systems. You will learn from your mistakes. Optimising our discernment strategies is vital for our Ultimate Quest. It’s important for everyday life too! So, we encourage you to practise this!


We discussed our 3 main internal guidance systems. The first was our emotion guidance system. We do an instant spotcheck and quickly assess the vibe. We sense our emotions and feelings in our body. That’s our gut feeling! Our emotion guidance system is fast and easy to recognise. But it’s only accurate for simple issues.

The second guidance system is our deep intuitive discernment. This is our quiet inner voice. It’s our heart-felt, inner knowing. This deep intuitive discernment can give us a gentle nudge or a powerful AHA-moment! Deep intuitive discernment is slower. But this is the best option for complex decisions in our life.

The third guidance system is intellectual logical discernment. This is usually the only system taught at school. It’s suitable for simple logistical decisions, but NOT complex life choices. It’s moderately fast, but is often biased or flawed.

To make the best possible life choices, we need an appropriate blend of all three guidance systems. This helps balance all the competing priorities and promotes joy, inner peace & fulfilment. Then we can experience a life full of passion, purpose and even tackle our Ultimate Quest!


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