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About the 'finding your passion' series episodes #6-12


‘Finding your passion’ is the first theme of the podcast.

This series can help you to discover your passion & purpose in life! This can make your life a lot more fun, rewarding & more meaningful too.

This book can also help you find your answers to the really big questions in life. Questions like… “What am I really meant to do with my life?” These answers can

help you discover your Ultimate Quest.

This second book covers the second half of the ‘Finding your passion’ series (episodes #6 to #12). The first book covers the first half (episodes #1 to #5). You can read this book independently, or read along as you listen to the podcast. To access the audio podcast visit is an independent personal development website. It’s run by volunteers who love sharing their passion for inner growth. Our hope is to help others to grow as well. is non-religious, unaligned and not-for-profit. It’s not associated with any organization or religion. We are purely driven by service through giving & sharing.

We would appreciate your recommendation and any help you can offer to aid our mission. Thank you for your kind support.


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