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"Higher awareness allows pleasure & fun but with much less stress."


When experiencing higher awareness, you are not distracted by the ‘noise’ of the drama or the story. You are also not obsessed with any single perspective. Higher awareness allows pleasure and fun, but with much less stress. From this calm but alert mindset, we can better navigate life’s challenges and even pursue our Ultimate Quest.


Life challenges us with so much action, stress & drama to navigate. To find our purpose and tackle our Ultimate Quest, it’s very important to have the right perspective on life.

Our life is much like a stage production at a theatre. So, what would be the best seat in the theatre to view this life drama from? What would be the best position to experience & assess our life? From the back of the theatre you can view the stage as a whole. From the front, you are close to the action. As one of the actors on the stage, you are in the heat of the moment! Each perspective has a different benefit to offer.

It’s our individual responsibility to choose the best perspective on our life. This is our free-will choice. Higher awareness gives us the ability to change our perspective easily at any moment. Living from higher awareness even allows us to have multiple perspectives simultaneously. This gives us a richer life experience and helps us to understand the bigger picture.

Higher awareness provides us a detached & neutral perspective. It allows pleasure and fun, but with much less stress. By utilising all these perspectives, we can better discover our passion & purpose in life and perhaps our Ultimate Quest.


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